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Please find a selection of galleries from all our society sections and events below.

Item Toy Boat Regatta May 6th 2007
35 Images (13/05/2007)
Item Submarine Day June 2006
20 Images (10/10/2006)
Item Stationary Steam 04
20 Images (28/06/2006)
Item Slot Car Section 04
34 Images (28/06/2006)
Item Garden Railway 04
19 Images (21/10/2005)
Item Toy Boat Regatta 04
45 Images (21/10/2005)
Item Marine Open Day 04
25 Images (21/10/2005)
Item Toy Boat Regatta 05
17 Images (21/10/2005)
Item Portable Track
3 Images (08/06/2005)
Item Marine Section 2005
9 Images (08/06/2005)
Item Halloween 2003
35 Images (02/06/2005)
Item Halloween 2004
61 Images (30/04/2005)
Item Mencap Visit 2003
40 Images (29/04/2005)
Item Colney Heath
10 Images (24/04/2005)
Item Annabel
6 Images (24/04/2005)
Item OO Section 2004
9 Images (15/04/2005)
Item Loco Section 2004
10 Images (12/04/2005)
Item Video Section 2004
14 Images (10/04/2005)
Item Marine Section 2004
24 Images (09/04/2005)
Item HO Section 2004
5 Images (08/04/2005)
Item 60th Anniversary
97 Images (07/04/2005)
Item Colney Heath 1960s
10 Images (07/04/2005)

Want to Join?
If you require further information about the North London SME please click here.

About the North London Society of Model Engineers
The North London Society of Model Engineers (NLSME) was founded in 1944, the aim through which the Society was originally founded still remains today, and that is to promote and encourage model engineering and its related pastimes.

The NLSME has an active membership that has steadily grown over the 74 years that the Society has been in existence and we are always pleased to welcome new members to the Society and the hobby.

Within our society we have different sections, which include:-

To find out more about a particular section just click the title.

We maintain a permanent Headquarters in Finchley (North London) England. N12 0QF.  This site houses the Society’s library, meeting room as well as housing the OO & O gauge, North American HO and Slot Cars sections permanent layouts. The Cine, Marine & Loco sections also meet here. Meetings are held on a regular basis by each section, and cover operational activities, demonstrations, discussion groups, and talks by members as well as guest speakers. In addition, the Society also publishes a monthly newsletter providing comprehensive coverage of members news, views, events and activities. This newsletter is normally available online.

Workshop Nights are held during the winter months at Headquarters. These rather informal meetings allow members to discuss workshop and associated matters with other model engineers, with frequent talks and demonstrations. To obtain further details of this or any other activity please contact the Society by using the link on the toolbar (please remember to include which section you are interested in).

The NLSME also has facilities at Colney Heath, AL4 0NJ. This site houses the Society’s Boating Lake, Garden Railway, Raised & Ground Level Railways and space for Traction Engines to run. We regret that we are unable to offer private Birthday Party facilities at present.   Private parties are not permitted on our private site when open to the public.

Map Please click here for a map.

Follow Church Lane to the end (Park Corner) and continue along the dirt track to the right of the Waterboard Pumping Station. AL4 0NJ

Please also note that parking is recommended near St Marks Church in Church Lane and not in the narrow road between the Cemetery and over the bridge to Park Corner. Only very limited parking is available for the disabled and Blue Badge holders in the rough track leading from Park Corner to the site.
Be careful of the level crossing!!

Locomotive Section
The Loco section is currently the largest section within the Society. The section comprises of members whose interest lie in the construction and operation of miniature working steam or electric or petrol hydraulic powered locomotives.

Our Colney Heath site is the main focal point of the Loco Section where we have our ‘Mainline’ raised track of approximately 1/2 mile in length for 3.1/2” and 5” engines, our ‘Cuckoo Line’ raised track for 2 1/2”, 3 1/2” and 5” engines and our Ground Level railway for 7 1/4” and 5” engines. As well as offering rides for visitors there are amenities such as toilets and refreshments.

To obtain further details email us by using the link on the toolbar (please state which section you are interested in).

Stationary Steam & Traction Engines
This section was set up to promote the building and driving of steam powered road vehicles. Members within this section run engines from 1” to the foot, up to full sized engines. The section has a healthy following and members attend many rallies and exhibitions throughout the year.
To obtain further details email us by using the link on the toolbar (please state which section you are interested in).
Headquarters, Legion Way, N12 0QF OO and O Railways

Meeting at the Society headquarters every Wednesday, members of the 00 Section enjoy the benefit of several operational layouts which have been integrated into one.  We tend to operate over a time scale of between 1950 & 1970, but on occasions this does vary depending on individual members interests.   All the layouts are operated on old fashioned DC analogue controls.

We have the main club layout which encircles the railway room plus 3 exhibition layouts which interlock into it.  The latter are summarised thus:

1 – Binegar – based on the original station of the same name on the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway.

2 – Midsomer – a branch line terminus based of details taken from the original stations at both Framlingham and Walton on the Naze.

3 – The large locomotive depot, a layout having been donated to us which we are currently refurbishing.

The first 2 above have been shown at several model railway shows in London and the surrounding area.

In addition we also have our version of Bath Green Park, which when fully assembled will just fit within the main hall at HQ.

Running sessions are general held on the first Wednesday each month.  On ‘non-running’ nights we are generally working on different areas of each layout to enhance both their appearance and performance.

Gauge O Railway

A new venture for NLSME is a modest O gauge layout at Headquarters site. The layout was relocated to NLSME, when the members of the Barnet MRC transferred en bloc to the club in 2009. The layout has a long history, being over 20 years old, when Barnet MRC acquired it. A reconfiguration to fit the available space is under way. The layout will be a modest branch line terminus to fiddle yard configuration on two levels and intended to give somewhere for any NLSME members to run their Gauge O locos and rolling stock.

Slot Cars
The slot car section meet on Mondays at their recently refurbished track and clubroom at Headquarters in Finchley, also on alternate Wednesdays.

The track is made of M.D.F. with 4 lanes and 96ft. 6in. in length. There are various championships held throughout the year starting with 1/32nd production cars going through to top flight sports cars in both 1/32nd and 1/24th scales. Club cars are available for use by the newcomer and it is possible to purchase cars and spares from the club shop. To get started production cars can be bought for about £40.

Slot Car Track Slot Car Awards

The club have recently started a championship for Scalextric type cars on alternate Fridays and all are welcome.

This is a long established club with national and international champions who are always on hand to welcome newcomers and help in preparation of cars and to get the most out of the hobby.

To obtain further details email us by using the link on the toolbar (please state which section you are interested in).

North American HO Railroad
Our section has a 28 foot by 12 foot layout room in the club headquarters, which houses the permanent HO layout, Woodside Union Terminal III. This has a single track main line, with several passing places, which winds its way twice round the room, plus two branch lines and an industrial area. The layout is scenicked and a freight car card order system is in operation. Either 12V dc or DCC control can be used throughout (usually the latter). Members' interests cover a wide range of American and Canadian railroads from the '50s to date, hence the Union Terminal concept to make more plausible the presence of all those different companies' trains. New members are always welcome, our Section meets 6.00 to 9.30 almost every Wednesday evening, and we are always pleased to see visitors, especially those from the NMRA (we have Associated Group status with the British Region). Operating sessions are held on most Wednesdays but with work sessions on some first Wednesdays of the month. To obtain further details email us by using the link on the toolbar (please state which section you are interested in).
Marine Section

The Marine Section is fortunate in having a lake at the Society’s Colney Heath Site. The lake is in a pleasant position with excellent facilities, which includes shelters, a launching pit and plenty of seating. The Colney Heath Site also provides boaters with adequate parking, catering and toilet facilities. Access is good for young and old and wheelchairs can be accommodated at the Lakeside.

We host three regattas for our friends in the Toy Boat Society, in May, July and September. The intention is for a friendly get together in a pleasant country setting. A steering course can be laid out and a competition or two run for those who wish to have a go, but there also will be plenty of time for free sailing.

During the Season the Lake is available to members and visitors by arrangement for free sailing on Sunday afternoons and on all Thursday afternoons from 2 p.m. onwards.  (See note on Home Page re changes to the site opening times on Sundays).

All types of visiting models are welcome but the lake is not suitable for fast I/C or fast electric craft. The minimum depth of water is 50cm. You are assured of a warm welcome if you visit us on any of the times specified above.

To obtain further details email us by using the link on the toolbar (please state which section you are interested in).


Video Section
The Video section formerly the Hornsey Cine Society, and then the Cine Section within the NLSME. This very active section produces a range of video and film programmes for competitions. Every aspect of production is tackled and new members would be most welcome. Talks by professional film and television makers and visits to studios are also arranged.

To obtain further details email us by using the link on the toolbar (please state which section you are interested in).

Junior Section
Garden Railway

The section has two Gauge One layouts at our Colney Heath site, the first of which was constructed in 2000. This track is mainly used for SM45, ie  Narrow Gauge prototypes at a scale of 16 mm:1 foot running on 45 mm gauge track, and is still maintained to its former standard. The O-Gauge circuit has been discontinued.


In 2010 the section constructed a new and larger track a short distance away from the first one. Like the first track the new layout has three concentric circuits and has loops which permit ‘double running’ ie two locos and their trains on the same track simultaneously.


The new track is used to run prototypical, mainline standard gauge trains, both passenger and goods. Several members of the section have constructed their own locos from kits or from scratch; most engines are ‘live steam’ based on methylated spirits firing but coal firing is also favoured.


To obtain further details email us by using the link on the toolbar (please state which section you are interested in).


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