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When it comes to replica luxury watches, are you a two-tone fan? Why? There is a belief in the watch world that if you can't afford all that gold, then you shouldn't have a two-tone. Now, the reason why this exists is because the two tone is a kind of middle ground. And in life, you don't really want to go halfway. You kind of want to go all the way to the right or all the way to the left. So some people would recommend that you just use stainless steel instead of two tones. Or, if you can afford it, then you lose it all. But there are two differences, many people disagree that you should stop in the middle of the band. But for watch purists, they think diatonic is a good middle ground, and not too flashy. This is not the case with your face when you have a two-tone piece, so two tones are more appealing to the watch enthusiast or connoisseur. Now that we've laid out both sides of the spectrum, we'll return to the end of the argument. Let's enter.

116719 BLRO Rolex GMT Master II Mens Automatic

Datejust II

Starting on the right, we have one of my favorite Rolexes, and it's the Rolex Datejust II Wimbledon. That's what it's nicknamed. The reference is 116333. These are going for about $11,500. Now, this watch to me is one of the coolest Rolexes you can buy right now. Last week we discussed the stainless steel version. Here are the two tones. It has that beautiful green Roman numeral dial. Guys, what can we say? The Rolex is one of those replica luxury watches that has a very unique, yet classic look at the same time. The same formula as the Day-Date 40 is used on the Datejust 41, which means a slimmer profile first and foremost. The lugs are thinner than before, the ends are progressively sharper and sharper, and bend better to better conform to the curvature of the wrist. The case is also thinner when viewed from the side, and finally, the dial has a larger aperture and thinner bezel for a more balanced and elegant appearance. The new Rolex Datejust 41 looks smaller and visually "lighter", while maintaining the exact same diameter. Again, it's just a matter of proportion. As a result, the bezel is less "rich" than before, especially when the signature notch shape is chosen. So, moving on to the next watch.


The Submariner is a legend in the world of watchmaking. It is the watch that everyone needs. Of course, it's a two tone. This particular reference is the 116613 ceramic model. These trade for about $13,000. What else can we say? This is the Submariner. I mean, it's an icon. It's a legendary watch, and I personally prefer the blue version, but the black version is very cool. But if it were my money, I'd go with the Royal Blue. Moving to the middle of the box, we have this very cool vintage Rolex GMT in two tones.


Now, this particular watch is from 1991, number 16713. They cost about $9,300. So, this is a classic piece. It has the old-school Rolex bracelet. It doesn't have the modern ceramic features, and it doesn't have the new bracelet. So it's a little bit of an old-school feel, but, I mean, that's part of the charm, guys. I mean, it's a 1991 piece, and if you have the year Rolex, I personally would add that. Now, if we move to the other side of the box, we get a more modern version of this piece, which is timeless gold or chocolate, whatever the nickname is, it's two tones. Its reference price is 126,711. These prices are about $ 18,500. They are now retailing excessively. This is a beautiful watch. This color scheme goes perfectly with the gold. This is one of the pieces that I personally would like to find in my own collection as well. And, going into the last piece, we have a funky Datejust.


The reference for this one is 126333. These are the Rolex Datejust replica luxury watches that just got phased out. I mean, these are priced around $27,000, which is around that price range. And, I mean, not absolutely my taste, but you might find a buyer for that. But that's not my style, it's Arabic numbers that have completely iced over. The bracelet is just full of diamonds and baguette bread. So, for some people, it's a cool thing, not just my personal style. Back to the argument we introduced at the beginning of the video. Are you cheaper for not spending all your money and sticking with two tones? Therefore, I personally disagree with this idea. I personally like two colors. Right now, I own a two-tone Sub Blue dial with diamonds, and it's one of my favorite pieces. It's a vintage piece and I love almost all of the replica luxury watches here.

Two-tone Version Watches

I personally love the two-tone. As an audiophile or some kind of passionate watch collector, I think there are both gold and two tone here. So if I had a budget of $100,000, I would probably still buy the two-tone pieces at some point in the collection if I could afford the gold. To me, that makes a lot of sense. It's a natural progression of watch collecting. On average, stainless steel tends to perform best in the Rolex market. It tends to hold the best and even rise more frequently in the market. Historically speaking, the two tones don't necessarily go down, but they don't actually go up quickly . It either stays the same for a long time, or it goes up slightly and then comes back down. So that's something to consider. If you want a two-tone watch, then you're going to get a more unique version of the legendary model that you want, for example, this Datejust Wimbledon. You may see a bunch of stainless steel, but something different. Not everyone has stainless steel... Not everyone has two tones. So, that's something to consider. But there's a downside, and that is, the value of your watch will probably not really go up in the future. But if you're an enthusiast like me, you may not care, but only about the look and the fact that you have two tones. So, you may not necessarily care that much, but it is something to consider. Hello everyone, we discussed two tone Rolex replica luxury watches. We discussed both sides of the argument. Some of us think that if you don't spend all the money, it's simply cheap, and then we have the enthusiast side, which is, no, you should have everything. So, like I said before in the video, I personally think you should have everything. I think every tone belongs to every collection. Every watch collector's dream is to own every piece, so I think I feel reasonable.

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